Hand Rails at Roberto Hernandez Iron Works

Contrary to the belief of some people, the use of hand rails is not a sign of infirmity. It’s just good common sense. Even though they are there for your safety, there are still people who hesitate to use hand railings. At Roberto Hernandez Iron Works, our railing contractor put minds at ease and installs safe and stylish hand rails.

For those who are disabled or have difficulty walking, hand rails are an important part of helping you safely make your way up a ramp or flight of stairs. Our hand rail installation includes a straight tube which can take different, curvy like shapes, but often resembles a pipe and serves as the hand rail. Then there is a hand rail plug, hand rail extension, and hand rail bracket for easy installation and to keep it stable.

There are other uses for hand rails other than climbing up a ramp or flight of stairs. Bathroom handrails help prevent falls on slippery wet tubs and wet floors. Ballet dancers balance themselves on barres which serve as training aids. Our welder can build rails in many shapes and sizes and for different purposes.

Our hand rails are maintenance free. Some of our custom iron railings might rust a little over time, but it’s better than wooden hand rails which can splinter over time and leave someone with a handful of shivers. If you live in the Riverside, CA area, go with Roberto Hernandez Iron Works if you need railings which are the perfect safety solution for stairways, ramps, walkways, and platforms of all sizes.


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